Air Brakes

Air Brake Courses Available in Edmonton

Students will learn the benefits and safety measures air brakes provide for heavy vehicles and how they function with the audio & visual aid of our fully functional air brake board.

Nanak Driving School has been providing thousands of novice and expert drivers, driving techniques and skills needed to drive safely and expertly on the roads of Canada.

Nanak Driving School offers the Alberta Air Brake Program. This program offers drivers the chance to gain information on how to operate vehicles equipped with air brakes. You must complete this program and add the air brake “Q” endorsement to your Alberta Operator’s License in order to operate any vehicles with these types of brakes.

To begin your career in trucking you must obtain your Driver Licence. The appropriate CDL endorsements you will need are based on the type of trucking career you plan to pursue. To obtain Air Brake endorsement, you are required to successfully complete Air Brake Test endorsement knowledge test. Making certain you are adequately prepared for your written knowledge test will prevent you from wasting time and money. Taking our Air Brake practice test is the best way to get prepared.

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