Class 3


Class 3 Licence

Our class 3 standard program is an excellent way to get familiar driving heavy vehicles. Common class 3 vehicles include: dump trucks, fire trucks, and garbage trucks. Comprehensive training of vehicle pre-trip inspections are standard in our packages.

Permits an operator to drive: Any motor vehicle, or combination of vehicles that the holder of a Class 5 operator’s licence may operate A single motor vehicle with three or more axles A motor vehicle with three or more axles towing a trailer with one or more axles, if the trailer is not equipped with airbrakes Class 2 and 4 type vehicles without passengers All motor vehicles included under Class 1 MELT, 2 and 6, for learning only No holder of a Class 3 operator’s licence shall operate a motor vehicle: That has a seating capacity of more than 15, while that vehicle is transporting any person in addition to the operator To transport passengers for hire The minimum learning or licencing age is 18. Requirements: vision screening, written and road test, airbrake certificate if the vehicle is equipped with airbrakes. Vehicle for road test: Any single motor vehicle having three or more axles.

We have seasoned and professional Instructors with many years of trucking experience, ensuring every student receives their personal attention helping drivers progress at a pace that suits their unique learning style.

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