Class 1 MELT


Class 1 MELT Licence

Permits an operator to drive: Any motor vehicle, or combination of vehicles, other than a motorcycle Class 6 type vehicles, for learning only The minimum learning or licencing age is 18.

Trucking is a vital career path that contributes to the continued success of our communities, and training professional and confident truck drivers with a solid understanding of real-world trucking is paramount to our approach to driver training. Trucking is a complex career choice, and employers are searching for quality employees who will exceed industry-standards and drive with confidence, safety and professionalism.

Our Complete Class 1 MELT Truck Driving Training program is an all-inclusive program designed for new truck drivers, and includes our outstanding on-road training experience and our interactive, innovative in-class instruction. We expose students to a variety of complex driving situations including in city, on the highway and in the mountains. Our Employment Skills Courses build a solid foundation of safety and professionalism, and give students access to valuable real-world driving that would otherwise take years to obtain.

We have seasoned and professional Instructors with many years of trucking experience, ensuring every student receives their personal attention helping drivers progress at a pace that suits their unique learning style.

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